Sunday, 30 January 2011

What's on my mind?

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Well this is the first entry for my long overdue blog....I'm still quite unsure of what work/ideas I really want to share and I imagine my thoughts will change dramatically over time.

Speaking of this on photography, (my main motive for this blog) I find time is one of the most vital factors to determine whether I find an image successful. This length of time must always happen after I take the photograph. I have found that often my initial attachment to an image and my instant thoughts of my photographs is usually derived from a personal moment/emotion during the image-making process rather than an acknowledgment of the success of an image in terms of my conceptual strategy when making the work.

I usually find over time, when I have lost this initial momentous attachment during the taking of the image, the work may actually be successful in my eyes and also resonate with me, and with this process I can clearly validate the sucess of the images by giving the work 'Time to Breath' and what always surprises me is I often find those images which I overlook from the start strongly resonate within my conceptual strategy over time.

Although take these images below for the time they represented the resulting encounters of an ongoing emotional battle within my last place of residence, this 'battle' was deeply personal and it took me a while to 'accept' these images. I know that now I feel very different about this set of 3 photographs. But I can't identify this emotion, over 6 months after the 'battle'. I don't usually think about this set of work, or the events that took place before, until now, something made me think about them today. But why? What's on my mind?

© All images copyright Philip Mowbray