Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What does your neighborhood mean to you? Workshops in partnership with More Wokingham...

Give me time to explain in full to you about these fantastic workshops that I have been conducting...this may take a few days, so just let start with some images which I have been promising to myself I would post soon. Taken by James, an inspirational community worker within the Wokingham borough, they are of yours truly during a workshop in Winnersh (near Reading) sharing ideas, delivering a brief and giving guidance on 'what your neighborhood means to you'...SO MUCH more to follow...;)

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Objects Photographed: Evidence of a hitchhiker's adventure abroad...

I mentioned briefly in my last post that during my most recent trip Paris, I had photographed very little, infact, pretty much nothing...I need to question this on my part, during my dominative creative-thinking period at university, the photograph's I could have taken on this trip would have been something I could just dream of back then, so why now did I not make any work? What happened? I even had a roll of slide film which I never knew about, that would have been perfect. It worked very well in Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, why was I not even aware of my spare, luxurious film supply? I need to think about this in the future, after everything...the last thing I want to lose is my creativity...

In light of this, I decided to scan the very few remnants of the trip: tickets, small booklets/cards and the famous 'hitchhiker's' sign...over the years I have battled with the reasoning behind photographing/scanning 'objects' but this time, I couldn't think of anything more apt.

© All Images copyright Philip Mowbray

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still tired after Paris...

Well, sorry for another long wait for a post (although I imagine I am just apologising to myself due to lack of readers!) for I have been incredibly busy as usual, rushing around trying to do far too many things at one. But I have some treats in store coming very soon, images from my workshops, some more of my own work to show, new ideas; progression progression...

This weekend I had a very interesting adventure, and I am proposing of writing about this as a piece, due to also my severe lack of photography on the trip. But yes...I hitchhiked to Paris! Not alone of course but with a friend of mine Jadwiga. We thought it would be quick and simple to hitchhike to Paris from Reading/London, but ofcourse this turned out to be one hell of an ordeal! But that's life, ups and downs, and this trip certainly had many, oh how many tales I can cram into one weekend? :)

Our lifts from Reading - Paris & Paris - London....


  1. Reading Services (West) - Reading Services (East) (Faux-pas mix up of services directions!)

  2. Reading Services (East) - Borehamwood Services

  3. Borehamwood Services - Maidstone Services

  4. Maidstone Services - Saint-Quentin Services (This lift took us through the channel via the Dover - Calais ferry)

  5. Saint-Quentin Services - Reims

  6. Reims - Paris


  1. Porte de la Chapelle - Saint-Denis Petrol Station (on A1)

  2. Saint-Denis Petrol Station - Compiègne Services

  3. Compiègne Services - Péronne Services

  4. Péronne Services - Arras Services

  5. Arras Services - Dunquerke Services (On E40)

  6. Dunquerke Services - Calais P&O Ferry

  7. Dover Port - Thurrock Services

  8. Thurrock Services - Walthamstow Central

14 lifts in total! I am to write about each time to get my storytelling hat on.