Sunday, 16 September 2012

Experimentation with Sun Art paper...ode to Boris Mikhailov...

An experiment of mine, using a series of negatives from the Azerbaijan project and a pack of Sun Art paper I bought in DC.

I'm not necessarily a fan of photograms, and alternative processes.  However as a bit of fun I thought I'd try this out.   The imagery below was never selected from my final edits for the Az project, but I still love these pictures.   Railways always get to me and I have no idea why.   The carriage itself was a fantastically green metallic rusting beast and just asking to be captured.  I returned to Batumi and to my dismay the carriage had been removed.

What I like about this is the aesthetic connection to Boris Mikhailov's 'At Dusk'.  Which is by far my  favourite photographic piece by any artist.   Maybe it's something about the Soviet era carriage.  Who knows?

Enjoy :)
Disused railway car - Batumi, Georgia.  16 August 2011 (original photograph).  

Cyanotype/ Photogram experiment:  June 2012


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