Monday, 9 May 2011

Objects Photographed: Evidence of a hitchhiker's adventure abroad...

I mentioned briefly in my last post that during my most recent trip Paris, I had photographed very little, infact, pretty much nothing...I need to question this on my part, during my dominative creative-thinking period at university, the photograph's I could have taken on this trip would have been something I could just dream of back then, so why now did I not make any work? What happened? I even had a roll of slide film which I never knew about, that would have been perfect. It worked very well in Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, why was I not even aware of my spare, luxurious film supply? I need to think about this in the future, after everything...the last thing I want to lose is my creativity...

In light of this, I decided to scan the very few remnants of the trip: tickets, small booklets/cards and the famous 'hitchhiker's' sign...over the years I have battled with the reasoning behind photographing/scanning 'objects' but this time, I couldn't think of anything more apt.

© All Images copyright Philip Mowbray


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