Sunday, 18 September 2011

Reflections on Azərbaycan. The edits...

Following my most recent trip to the Caucasus in September to Georgia, I have been thinking a lot more about the region and my numerous trips from a photographic perspective.  I am still awaiting the outcome of my series work from my latest trip (I will talk more of this when I publish the images) but for now have begun to think again about my most memorable trip to Azerbaijan.  This trip was without any doubt the most memorable and most challenging in terms of my photographic perspective of a region when travelling.  The series resulted in a book of images titled 'Azərbaycan' which I self published during the summer of 2010 - a whole year after I went on the trip to Azerbaijan.  One whole year it took me to work out a series I was happy with, I am always so surprised how the longer you leave your images to 'sit' the more you become indecisive about what fits and what doesn't.

Below are examples of my editing process...discarded images, original contact sheets and laid-out edits.  I have so much work which is just sitting there somewhere in my room, and I need to start this all again, for I know I have some amazing work just sitting there...but eventually it will happen! 

Images never included in the final series...

Istanbul, Turkey

Zaqatala, Azerbaijan

Caspian Sea - Lənkəran, Azerbaijan

Mingəçevir, Azerbaijan

Mingəçevir, Azerbaijan

Zaqatala, Azerbaijan

Bakı, Azerbaijan

Stage 1: Original contact sheets...

Contact Sheet Example 1:  Batumi, Georgia.  16 August 2009

Contact Sheet Example 1:  Zaqatala, Azerbaijan.  17 August 2009

Stage 2: Adding and subtracting(time and time again!) 

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Edit 4

Edit 5


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