Monday, 7 February 2011

What's already gone? Or what's already to come?

Well it's Monday and back to the start of the week, I'm apprehensive... One thing I did forget to mention was that on Saturday I finally received back some of the processed film from my recent trip to the Caucasus. I received two E6 rolls returned process (which I still need to scan) and two 120 rolls of colour negative film which were supposed to be scanned. Although my trusty lab apparently wasn't to trusty this time and forgot to scan my work during processing! I really wanted to give you a sneak preview of the work I will be editing and compiling over the coming months, but unfortunately this 'sneak preview' will have to be postponed. Together with the photographs I made on film, I also took a rather large amount of digital images - and here I present a preview of 'Voyages 3'.

The series and title 'Voyages' is something that has recurred in past series' of work. I felt my first pieces of 'Voyages' made on B&W ISO3200 35mm film were very successful. Later I tried this in 35mm colour film in France and Tunisia, although I felt this to have an underwhelming impact compared to the B&W photographs (Available to view on my website). I feel this is largely due to the high grain on the B&W film, and the somewhat physical evidence of capturing an incredibly precise moment in time (some thousandth of a second) whilst passing. This moment resonates solely to the act of travelling rather than resonating perhaps with a place or even person. There is an allure to the anonymity of place when passing through, for one remembers this place largely due to its anonymity - and often a glimpse of a culture, and a particular place which isn't immediately, nor will perhaps really be understood. For example I photographed lots of urban areas whilst passing on a train in the Centre of Turkey during 2009. For I know I have little knowledge of this region of the world, yet capturing anonymous place within this area, together with the aesthetics of the actual photographs; do I find they display an act of exploratory, romantic travel? To the point of this I often believe I am FAR to wrapped up within the whole 'romanticism' of travel!

So I will leave you with these...although I noted this process of capturing in colour is somewhat underwhelming. I have tried again (3rd time lucky perhaps)...all photographed within anonymous places in the Caucasus region....I don't really know what to think just yet, but again do we just need a little time?

© All images copyright Philip Mowbray


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