Friday, 4 February 2011

I think a bit of escapism is what we need right now....

Gale force winds, cloudy skies and just general misery....what a Friday! Sat here at 11pm on Friday evening in deepest Reading I do wish I was somewhere else at times like these. I enjoy the notion of escapism and over time I have found (almost subconsciously) that a lot of my photographic work focuses on escapism in one form or another. So on an evening like this, I would like to share with you three photographs which haven't been seen too much light recently.

With reference to my relationship with photography and time, I photographed these large-scale posters in July in Nice, France. When I think about them now, they validate what I wanted to explore during the time I photographed them, and in these terms I feel they are somewhat successful - or atleast perhaps my conceptual thinking is successful! They do represent my deeply-rooted need for escapism at the time. Nice was my 'escapist' playground however I didn't want to photograph the 'playground' so much. I wanted to look at a method of representing a need for vacating a 'mental state' rather than a 'vacation' itself. These large-scale posters are in an office block within a large disused abattoirs complex in Nice. A relevant place for much needed escapism from time-to-time perhaps?

Put the two together, lets put it all together, and do we have it...escapism?

© All images copyright Philip Mowbray


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